Cable Model I1140T


Specially designed for the connection of musical instruments. 

The internal construction of its virgin 100% copper braided shielding – apart from operating as a return by completing the circuit (Mass) – prevents any unwanted noise generated mainly by external radio frequency and electromagnetic interference (EMI, RFI) Interfere with the signal traveling through the nucleus.

Completing the shielding, the Karbonfiber conductive insulation, which neutralizes the effect of the noise induced by the mechanical movements of the normal use of the cable (Triboelectric Effect). ).

In addition, its internal cables are formed by thin copper multi-filaments of 0.10 mm in diameter to minimize the resistance favoring the fluidity of the signal. 

The quality of its selected insulating materials, added to the architecture of the cable guarantees a low capacity.

Mechanically, the Cable Iron I 1140 model offers a flexible and robust termination, suitable for professional work and daily use.

Artists such as Divididos, Molotov, Calle 13, Javier Malosetti, Andrés Calamaro, Fito Paez, are just some of the growing list of professionals who are using and recommending our cables.


  • Technical information:
    • I 1140 Mechanical Information: Driver Area: 0.33mm2
    • Conductor Insulation: P.V.C Shielding: Braided + Conductive PVC
    • Coating: P.V.C Black 5.75 Diam. Weight 65 gr / m
    • Electrical Information: Conductor resistance: 90 Ohm / km
    • Shielding resistance: 30 Ohm / km
    • Capacity (Cond.Cond): 80 pF / 
    • Capacity (Displacement) 130 pF /m 
    • Voltage test 500 V eff.

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